Connor & Misty

Our sweet baby girl Misty left us on the 19.6.2002 and our big old galoot Connor on the 7.4.2003

Our lives where made so special when you both came into our lives, Misty was not a typical retriever she did'nt like people and hated other dogs all she cared about on a walk was looking after Connor making sure that no other dogs could hurt him. Connor loved everyone and everyone loved Connor. Misty was dainty and well behaved Connor was clumsy and a bit naughty, many a time we spent half an hour trying to catch Connor while he was trying to eat a french stick or somebodies uneaten sandwich he'd found in the park.

They gave us so much pleasure so much love and we miss them.

The settee is empty without you baby girl, and our old galoot we miss you grunting for a belly rub.

We will never forget you and will love you always

mummy and daddy

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