Cooper (Char Super)

August 26, 1990 to October 23, 2001

My first greyhound, my love, my light.
Your passing was unexpected, sharp, quick, drawn out in every breath I took.

I couldn't keep you, but selfishly, I wanted to save you,
wanted to spend my last dime, wanted to help the hurt.

Did I forget, neglect, do something wrong?

All I know is that I love you still...

Memoriam Veritas

Written upon the passing of Cooper, 10/24/01

As you slip beyond the clouds of memory,
Know this final gift has cost my heart.
No greater loss, no misery, no tragedy
Could pierce my soul with depth no words can chart.

You lived to love, and gave us pure devotion,
No less devotion can I then return
Though thinking of you now brings mixed emotions,
And causes tears of grief to form and burn.

My prince, my true companion in adventures,
I set you free to soar on winds of change.
I cannot hold you back, nor can I censure
The pain that carves a scar shaped from your name.

Forever, love, run free of pain and sorrow,
I'll dream of you each night for all my years.
And if my end should come next year, tomorrow,
I'll run to meet you, blinded by my tears.

As you slip beyond the clouds of memory,
Look back once so that you may remember me...

Meredith Holderbaum

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