Today is May 2, 2003. I am saying goodbye to a sweet, loving, adorable little malti-poo named Daisy. We call her Lil'-D! We adopted Daisy from the local animal shelter Memorial Day weekend 1999. She was going to be destroyed. She was about 15 at the time but the dog catcher told us she was about a year and a half. Anyway, we have loved her for four years now and she has brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined or hoped for.

Daisy is starting to lose control of her bladder a couple times a day now. She is almost totally deaf and blind and we are at the point where we know if we don't do something now, whe will begin to suffer and she certainly doesn't deserve that. Daisy sleeps on our bed with us but she has to get up and down by way of a milk crate because she is little. We are afraid with her vision in the shape it is that she may fall and brake a leg or something so we have decided to let her go in our own time without her suffering. She will be greatly missed!

Here's to you Lil'- D. To many bye-byes and grilled chicken breasts, ham and fudge rounds.

Mom and Daddy love you sweetie and hope to see you again.

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