A Requiem For Heidi

I want to know,
When I look up into the still night,
That you are out there chasing stars
Or curled up snug in the bed of Heaven.

I want to know,
When I feel the cold rain stinging my skin,
That you are warm, and dry
And safe in the moon’s arms.

I want to know,
When I turn out the lights,
When I slip into uncharted dreams,
That your spirit will rest gently on my pillow
And follow me until morning.

I want to know,
When I wake with a hole in my heart,
A hole so big I can hardly breathe,
That you have forgiven me
For leaving you
In the arms of strangers as you said goodbye.
That you knew how much you were loved
As you passed beyond any pain.

That you’re staring out the window of the sky
Waiting to welcome us home.

Darling little girl, we miss you still. Five years now, but we always will.
Beloved greyhound of Jess and Meredith Holderbaum.

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