Lucky Omen

November 17, 1992 - May 22, 2001

Twilight Song

All throughout that dreadful night,
When pain was closing in:
I kept the finish line in sight,
One race that I could win

Yet winning freedom cost my heart,
A price too dear to pay.
I dream of you while we’re apart.
Oh! How I longed to stay.

All throughout that dreadful night,
You held me in your arms.
You knew I could no longer fight,
You kept me safe and warm.

Within your tears I saw the love
Reflected clear and true.
My spirit, watching from above
Is always near to you.

All throughout that dreadful night,
Persistent pain increased.
At dawn, within a pale gray light,
I longed to be released.

You did not kill my spirit, friend,
You let my soul roam free.
My death was not a bitter end:
For you were there for me.

In loving memory of osteosarcoma survivor Lucky Omen:
diagnosed March 2000, amputation April 11, 2000, metastasized to lungs May 2001.
Beloved companion of Jess and Meredith Holderbaum.

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