Dear anyone who reads this,

Losing your dog is like losing the things you love most. I had a dog and his name is Lucky we cherished him like money until one night we got scam by my neighbor's dog. She started barking and group of dogs killed my dog. I came back next morning and his corps was on the ground and tongue hanging out his mouth. I cried so hard. I slept buy his corps waiting for him to wake up.

Missing and thinking about him so much. Then next day me and my friend had 3 plans to kill who killed my dog. Plan A was rat poison, Plan B was to get a nail or tack with poison and put it on the ground, Plan C was to get a brick and food with poison the none of the plans didn't work. So I ask to get half the dog in the neighborhood and set all of them one attack and make the other 5 dogs suffer the same pain Lucky did then they die. I now was over every thing that happened.

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