Match Roderick Laverdure

February 16, 1990 - April 26, 2003

First, he made us leery. He gave new meaning to the word "hyper." In the beginning, we didn't think he was a keeper.

Then he made us proud. When we realized nobody was going to mess with our children because he wouldn't allow it, we realized we had a guardian. He made us happy. Boy, could he play hockey! Patrick Roy had nothing on him.

He made us mad. Leslie never believed us when we told her his digging in her garden was just his way of weeding.

He made us laugh. One of the funniest things I saw was him still under the influence of drugs when we picked him up from the vets after surgery trying to pee. The only way possible was for him to rest his head against a wall and lift the old leg.

Finally, he made us cry. It will be a never ending debate whether you allow a pet to become part of your family or do you just treat them like a piece of furniture. We made Match part of our family. This morning I brought Match to his final sleep. To those of you who took Match with you, you must have with the hair he shed on your clothes, I hope you remember he liked all of you, too.

We are all really hurting right now, but in time, we will smile and remember a dog who was family.

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