If the brightness of his star were determined by how many people loved him, Sundance's star would mirror his name. Lovely, loopy Sundance - the epitome of a Lab. Sundance: he of the magnificent head and perfect conformation. But Danceman didn't bother with tainting that perfection with something so trivial as dignity.

We'll remember:

Sundance and Jessye locking lips over a tennis ball for minutes on end, tugging, maneuvering, circling. If a new arrival came in through the gate, they'd move into a position so both could see who had arrived.

Sundance taking cookies with such great enthusiasm that the cookie-giver often got an unwanted manicure.

Sundance ingesting a kelp bulb and even more amazingly passing same!

Sundance eating a whole bag of kibble, oblivious to the pain he was going to face (and cause Mom).

Sundance tutoring Tully in the fine art of licking the dirty dishes after they're loaded in the dishwasher.

Sundance and Tully wrestling on top of Mom while she lay on the couch - how did they not break her?

And Sundance running out into the surf with perfect abandon knowing that nature had built him for such romps, and completing the picture of blue sky, white surf and beautiful golden dog.

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