Princess Ann Gilley

My dogs name is Prinscess Ann Gilley I know that its strange to give a dog a full peoples name but over the years she became more than a dog she was a person she was with us for 12 years we dont know when she was born but she died JULY 4 2003

answering an add on the comunity bill board we went to the local dog pound to see about another dog when we got there ,there she was with her paws in front her head was bowed over them and her butt in the air just wagging her tail well we just fell in love with her at that moment so i told the caretaker that i would take both of the dogs

when we got out to the car both dogs jumped in as if they had been with us for ever i had to give up the first dog a few years ago but i know that he has a good home but princess was meant to stay no matter what

we the family of princess will miss her very much

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