Bonnie missed terribly by her owner Libby Trevor.

15 January 1991 to 18 July 2003 (12-1/2 years old)

Bonnie had a marvellous and happy spirit. She loved me unconditionally and never left my side. I had the hardest time to make a decision to no longer have her with me as, in the end, she was existing to be with me. I loved her so much I let her be free from the life she didn't deserve. She was a little darling who loved to romp and roam free. To wander in her garden in the backyard and chase the skinks and defend us from "ferocious" predators. However a diseased respiratory system cut back all her activities as she found it increasingly harder to breath and was eventually fighting for each breath of air.

Now I don't have my companion to watch TV with...her favourite shows were those containing animals of any description (Funniest Home Videos) and she watched these spellbound until a dull human would come on the screen and then she would lose interest very quickly. Bonnie our darling Westie I will never forget you.

19 July 2003

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