My cocker spaniel, Kerry was put to sleep today. She was 15 1/2 years old. Her birth date was October 22, 1987. Kerry was a wonderful, loving and loyal companion. She was loved dearly and in turn she loved me dearly.

Kerry has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease. It took a long time (6 months) for doctors to understand why Kerry was sick.

In the end the medicine was too strong for her and shut down her pituitary gland. Along with Cushing's disease, Kerry had a heart arrhythmia. It was very difficult to watch Kerry's deterioration. I know she is now at peace, but I miss her greatly.

Over the years Kerry has helped me through the death of my father, my own cancer recovery and just the day to day aggravations, we humans experience. When I came home at night, she was always happy and wagging her tail when she saw me.

I would like Kerry to be remembered as a bright shining star, who everyone that met her, loved.

I love you always Kerry, my beautiful friend.


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