Little Bit "Biggie"

Aug. 30, 1988--Apr. 28,2003

Little Bit or Biggie as he was nicknamed was originally my Father's dog that he adopted from a newspaper ad in Youngstown, Ohio from an abusive home. His first few days with us were a bit rocky because he would mostly hide from people until he eventually got use my family me which mostly was helped along by our love we showed to him and Pee Wee the 3rd or Killer. During this time he started to develop a bold courageous way of protecting me and my family for strangers or intruders which he did with no hestation despite his small size even though he had a sweet kind temeperment that no one but my family or I saw. Sometimes he would even protect me during the night when my mother and I would vist my Father during the summer by sleeping with me, which often made it sometimes tough for my parents to get me some morning.

Little Bit loved to take walks which he would express by his happy leaps and excited yelping. He also enjoyed playing with his porkchop squeak toy or playing a round of tug of war with me with his leash.

When my father passed away on Sept. 13,1991 Little Bit moved out to Mesa, Ariz with my mother and me to live us which he happily and care free did until my mother passed away on Aug. 7,1998 which let me heartbroken and needing of friends with I had through my three dogs, Pee Wee the 3rd, Crystal and Little Bit until the passing of Pee Wee III on Jan. 17,1999 and Crystal on July 24, 2001.

As Little Bit got older he started to get a little more agressive in nature as well as develop a problem with his liver ,which had me take me to the vet quite a few times to receive his mediciation, and his eyes. However despite all this he still keep his loving companion straits.

On March 1,2003 my world almost shattered when Little Bit and I tripped over my game station and he hit the tv in the living room with his head and went limp. I thought that I lost him until he started seizuring in my hands which had me call the animal hopital and rush him over. Little Bit recovered from his terrible accident with the help of me and his new playments Pee Wee the 4th and Angel but his head was badly injured.

Little Bit went to the dogstar on April 28, 2003 when he passed away in his sleep in his dogbed in the kitchen whille I was recovering in the hospital (my brother was the one who found him.). When my brother told me the next night following my release from the hospital I broke down a wept for my big boy who gave me and my parents 15 years of companionship.

Biggie there are days when I miss hearing your talk to me when I would come home like your were asking where I've been or your bounding joyful leaps when you heard me use the can opener during your suppertime. I hope that you are playing with all the pork chop squeak toys you want and keeping Pee Wee III and Crystal company at the Rainbow Bridge beacuse you are deeply and truely missed by me and my friends Matt and Yoo-rie.

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