19 Nov 1988 - 10 July 2003

We got Nikki almost 8 years ago, when her former owners turned her over to the local animal shelter at the age of seven. Their reason was that they had moved to a smaller place and Nikki didn't fit in. Because she had tested positive for heartworm, plus her age and the fact that she was a large dog, she was scheduled to be put to sleep. I got a call from a friend who volunteers for Golden Retriever Rescue. She asked me if I could foster her for a few days until they could come by and pick her up. From the first day that we got Nikki, we fell in love with her. She had been kept outside by her former owners. In Florida, that is not a good thing for any dog. She just couldn't believe that she was allowed in the house. Every time we let her out to use the bathroom, she would hesitate when we called her in, and she would come in shyly as if waiting for us to send her back out. Needless to say, we adopted Nikki from Golden Rescue. She got along beautifully with all our other dogs. Nikki was treated for heartworm and she came through it like a champ. She came back home after the treatment and she lived here with all of us for the rest of her life. It would have been such a shame to have been denied her company and affection for all those years, if she had she been put to sleep. Even with all the heartache and pain of her loss, we have never ever regretted having her beautiful presence. Nikki was diagnosed with cancer in May of 03. Surgery was performed but the cancer came back aggressively and took her from us on 10 July 03. Nikki is now in Rainbow Bridge where she is young again and has no pain. She loved to play fetch in her younger years and she is now playing fetch with the angels. She is there with all of our other dogs who preceded her including Maggie, our Sheltie who is in Constellation 43 of DogStar. Nikki is sadly missed by our 3 Yorkies; Zeus, Annie, Odie and our Sheltie Cindy. We love you "Nikkers" and we will be with you someday. Just wait for us. We'll bring your tennis ball. Love, Mom & Dad And your furry friends

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