You became my best friend from the moment we first met
Even after the first time you got my carpet wet
You were very high spirited, spunky and smart
We all held our noses right after you would fart
And you will always hold
a very special place in my heart

With socks in your mouth and your stump wagging fast
I will not forget the day when I saw you last
When I was sad you never left my side
You always walked beside me
and never broke your stride
We had a special bond
no one could understand
From the first time you licked away my tears
or when you licked my hand
You got me through the worst times
when no one could break through
But all the kisses that you gave me
made my love grow more for you

So my friend I love you
and don't know what I'll do
Cause I know I'll never find another friend to love
the way that I Loved You !!

In Loving Memory of my Truest and Best Friend ever

Roxie Amber

7-18-1996 6-26-2003

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