Sara is our beloved 9 1/2 year old Wolf/Malamute dog. She has always been special in our lives.. I was telling RJ (my husband), I remember when I first saw Sara at the Colorado Pet Vet (Located on Austin Bluffs and Academy in Colorado Springs). She was the only girl puppy out a litter of six. I remember convincing RJ to hold her that day... the next thing we knew.. she came home with us.... She was a 20 pound black and gray fluff.. always trying to hide underneath our waterbed because she was afraid of everyone... I remember when we had to hire the canine shrink to come and "treat" her for her paranoia...I remember when she climbed Pike's Peak with RJ. She was also my CPR dog when I taught Pet First Aid for the American Red Cross. I remember the nights when I would cry and she would come and lay down next to me.. as to say "It's okay mommy, I am here"...

Sara became ill. She couldn't eat and she couldn't walk. This all happened in a matter of days. The vet thought it was cancer. On 17 July 2003, RJ and I went to the hospital to say our goodbyes to Sara... We were there when she left this world, petting her and telling her how much we loved her and how great of a dog she has been. She was cremated that afternoon and spread in a lovely Texas garden.

She will be greatly missed... She was a wonderful companion for us and playmate for the family.

Sara was a true and faithful friend!

RJ and Michelle Daskevich

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