Captain Smokey Joe was his name! (aka Smokey). He was born August 21st, 2001 and left for the Rainbow Bridge on Jully 8th, 2003. Even though Mini Dachsunds are small digs, Smokey left Huge paw prints on our hearts. The pain of letting go of him will be with us forever.

Smokey was with us for 1 year of his two short years on earth. We rescued him from a very bad situation and gave him lots of Love and a wonderful home for that year. We did everything we could to help him and his Love for us and his brother and sister (Vinnie and Violet) was as strong as ours was for him. Unfortuneatly, we could not undue the damage the family before us had done. Although Smokey became able to trust us with his Love he could not trust people he did not know. The damage ran deep,

I wish other people who knew him could have known him as we did. He was very loving, funny, and animated. He brought much joy to all our lives.

Smokey may be gone from this earth, but he will be in our hearts FOREVER. We look forward to meeting him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

His Heart Broken Family,

Molly, Karen, Vinnie and Violet

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